Get paid to block spam calls and texts with RoboCash!

You give us your phone number and we give you a personal refundable MicroPayWall to punish spam calls and let good calls/texts through. Get paid INSTANTLY for each robocall you block. Get the power to choose which calls to financially punish, by simply hanging up before 25 seconds. Easy!

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Become a revolutionary in the war against spam calls.
Get paid for every call you block!
472 payments have been made for blocked calls so far. What are you waiting for? Download the app and get paid!
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Your Refundable Paywall. Your RoboCash.

We made this easy. If you answer a cash call, you decide if it is spam by hanging up before 25 seconds.

Take back control over your time
Easy to use
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Bad callers lose their deposit, good callers get a full refund!

Unknown callers must deposit $0.05 before they can call you. If you answer and the call lasts longer than 25 seconds, they get a full refund! If you hang up early, they lose their deposit to you.

Value your peace of mind
HI (Human intelligence)
Block 100% of spam

Who we are.

Our team is here to do 2 things. 1: Stop Spam. 2: Get you paid for your data. RoboCash is 1 example of what is possible with our patented IoT Spam Filter. Check out to see what we can do for your app or service!

Adrian Garcia, Ph.D.


The guy who hates spam and has sworn to destroy it.

Dan Jenkins

Sales/Marketing Advisor

The entrepreneurial spirit who has sold more tech than you can imagine.

Jason Civalleri

FinTech/Legal Advisor

The man with a "Dr. Jekyll" attorney persona and a "Mr. Hyde" move fast and break things character.

Peter Gluck

IP Strategy Advisor

The IP wizard who moves time and space to make our IP moats wider and more treacherous to cross.


Technical Advisor

The technical genius who designed our backend and works from the shadows. No, it is not Satoshi.

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